One week down, two more to go. At least I hope. We put our association application in a week ago and the wait to hear back is painful. We knew from the get go it would take at least three weeks before we heard anything but that doesn’t make it any easier. So in the meantime, we pack. I’m hoping to at least get my room 75% done this week and then it’s time to get started on the rest of the house. Thankfully, I don’t think we are going to take much.

The downtime has been filled with Disney Infinity and, of course, roller derby. Especially considering the WFTDA International Championships were this weekend and boy did they impress. It was incredible to watch a team who has been through so much this season go in and take the Hydra. Rose City, who had just barely lost to Gotham last year in the championship game, finally overthrew Gotham’s five year reign. Not only was that probably one of the most incredible games I’ve seen in a long time, but so many other teams impressed me so much with their performances as well. Victoria killed it and almost beat Gotham in the semi-finals to finally take on and beat a very tough London for the bronze and first timers at champs, Jacksonville (also first Florida team to go to champs), went two rounds before getting bumped out by Gotham. That was just a couple of the amazing performances from all the teams at champs. Not to mention it was the first time WFTDA Championships were aired on ESPN3. Our sport is growing so fast.  All in all, an incredible weekend (and year) for derby. Big congratulations to Rose City.

Also, to help break up my (very likely boring) posts about my move and journey, I plan on taking part in some cool stuff coming up such as 5 Fandom Friday and a couple of South Florida’s Geek Girl Brunch events. I will, of course, be posting all of that here.


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