5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Seasonal Foods

Hooray! My first 5 Fandom Friday post. A great one to start with too ’cause I LOVE food. I love to eat it. I love to make it. The look, the smell, the taste, it just hits so many senses all at once. While the title says seasonal, I’m reading holiday. So here’s my favorite holiday foods.

Pecan Pie

I’m not a big fan of dessert pies. I think it’s ’cause not only am I not much of a sweets person but I also don’t find the idea of hot, baked fruits to be appealing. Pecan pie however has a great balance of texture and taste. The bitter taste and crunchiness of the pecan with the gooey sweetness of the filling. Plus it’s just so pretty.

Green Bean Casserole

This is one of the first foods I made sure to learn as soon as I was allowed to put things in the oven. I could eat (and have eaten) this straight out of the dish WHOLE. It is not a real Thanksgiving or Christmas to me unless I’ve had some green bean casserole. In fact, I’ve been commissioned by the family to make some for the upcoming holiday, which means I’ll be snacking my butt off (or on) eating crispy onions the whole time (I better buy extra).

Hot Chocolate

While not necessarily a food, my holidays aren’t complete without drinking some hot chocolate (especially with tiny marshmallows on top). Now, I’m not really big on hot drinks. I prefer iced tea and coffee over their hot counterparts and chocolate milk over hot chocolate generally. During the holidays though, I can’t help but indulge.

Cheese Ball

This was another recipe I learned early to ensure I would know it forever. I’m already a cheese and crackers believer but the cheese ball, that’s the most gourmet a cheese and cracker can get in my eyes. Delicious shredded and cream cheese rolled in pecans or walnuts. Seriously, this thing can make believers out of anyone. I once made one for a skeptical classmate with picky taste and by October of the next year she was already asking me if I’d make her another for the holidays.

Beef Pot Pie

AKA THE BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD! No, you can’t convince me otherwise and no, chicken pot pie is not an adequate substitute. It’s beef or bust! Really though, I eat this year round just because if I only saved it for the holiday season I would be forever sad. There are many foods I love to eat but none so much as this. It’s the perfect comfort food for the perfect comfort season.

Cheese ball picture from Martha Stewart site. All other food pictures from The Food Network site. All pictures contain links to corresponding recipes. 


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