It’s Over 9000!

My stress level that is. About an hour after last weeks post everything kinda came crashing down, along with my optimism. The association did contact us… to let us know our paperwork was not properly filled out and could not be approved until it was fixed. The paperwork that was incorrect? Completed by the landlord. So we hustled to get it all in order and got it back to them within two days time. They told us we would likely get contacted before the end of the week. It is now late on Tuesday afternoon and still nothing. We’ve even tried contacting them to no avail. So all we can do now is sit and wait and hope. I’m really hoping we hear back before the Thanksgiving holiday ’cause otherwise we probably won’t be moving until mid-December, a month and a half after we were supposed to be out.

I debated even writing a post because the stress just has me so demotivated. The only reason I’m even remotely productive is to keep my mind occupied on something other than this. To give you an example, I absolutely hate doing dishes. It is my least favorite chore. And yet, to keep myself busy at work today I spent about an hour washing every dish we have, the dish drying rack, the sink, the microwave, the coffee machine, you name it. If it could get washed it did.

I just hope we hear back soon.

Chewie & R2-D2 (Ann Grr & Sparks) with watermark

Those are in fact children’s sweaters.

On a more positive note, I did get to see The Peanuts Movie which was AWESOME! I had read reviews prior to watching it and I don’t disagree, it’s not really the greatest children’s movie. However, it was a great movie and felt extremely true to the feel of the comics. I loved it. I had a fun little Disney Store excursion at the mall with some derby friends which was much needed. I also managed to get the Friday after Thanksgiving off from work so I’ll be able to spend more time with family/help mom move (if we can manage to get approved before then). So not the worst week but I’m hoping this week turns out a little better.

Derby Holiday Photo with watermark

Love these people!


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