My Reading Challenges for 2016

One of the things I realized I’ve missed doing over the past couple of years is reading. I used to go through book after book after book and working at Barnes & Noble just made it easier. Since then however, I’ve found it hard to make as much time for reading as before. I’ve been trying to turn that around lately and have succeeded in getting back into the swing of things. I’ve gotten through a handful of books, both physical and audio, on my to read list. One of my goals for the new year is Continue reading

And It’s Like The Fog Has Lifted

T Minus 52 Weeks

The last couple of weeks have been super duper stressful and just all around unpleasant but we are finally all moved in! It took a lot longer to move in than we expected because after we got our keys and started getting everything over to the new place we realized just how much was wrong. The AC was broken (which in South Florida is a travesty, even in the winter), the freezer didn’t freeze, we realized there was a garbage disposal that didn’t work, we didn’t have hot water… the list goes on and on. It took over two weeks to coordinate all the maintenance and finally get everything livable and ready to move in. And then we had to do the actual moving. All in all, not fun, but a good learning experience I guess.

Since then, Continue reading

5 Fandom Friday: Holiday Traditions

I love holiday traditions. I especially love my holiday traditions.

Decorate the Tree with a Friend

Every year when we decorate the tree I typically invite a friend or loved one over to help. It’s lots of fun. We put up all of my hodgepodge decorations, drink hot chocolate, and watch a holiday movie. At the end we usually let them Continue reading

5 Fandom Friday: Christmas Wish List

Posting this a little late because I didn’t get a chance to put it up last week.

This one’s a tough one. Not because I can’t limit myself to 5 but because I’m not really sure what I actually want (which my family and friends are really not happy with right now lol). So here’s a list of things I’d probably be happy getting.

A trip to Disney World or Universal Studios

You’d think living in Florida would mean I would probably go here every weekend and be sick of it already, but Continue reading

5 Fandom Friday: Holiday Recommendations

Movie: The Polar Express
When I first heard of this movie I didn’t think much of it. It seemed weird and I didn’t hear many positive reviews. A couple of years ago I saw it on Netflix during the holidays and figured Continue reading


We heard back from the association and we are approved! We just need to do the final walkthrough with the landlord tomorrow and we get our keys and can begin moving. It’s very exciting. I’m hoping we’re all moved in soon and can unpack and at least decorate a little for the holiday. I want my tree damn it!

In other news, I’ll be participating in a roller derby tournament this weekend so that should be fun and exciting. I haven’t been able to get much play time in since our team started rebuilding so it’ll be nice to get on a track and actually play instead of just practice.

I’ve also gotta go get my Christmas shopping done. I’ve fallen a bit behind in all the chaos. Now that we have the go ahead to move and things are starting to fall into place there I can start to focus on the other areas that I’ve been neglecting. All in all, lots of things to do and look forward to.