5 Fandom Friday: Christmas Wish List

Posting this a little late because I didn’t get a chance to put it up last week.

This one’s a tough one. Not because I can’t limit myself to 5 but because I’m not really sure what I actually want (which my family and friends are really not happy with right now lol). So here’s a list of things I’d probably be happy getting.

A trip to Disney World or Universal Studios

You’d think living in Florida would mean I would probably go here every weekend and be sick of it already, but I don’t, so I’m not. I’ve actually only been to both theme parks a handful of times. Which sucks because I love them both and constantly dream of going next free weekend I have (so never).

Subscription to Fandom of the Month Club


I love subscription boxes. It’s like getting a monthly blind box filled with awesome. I currently have Loot Crate and enjoy it but Fandom of the Month Club is the one I’ve really been eyeing for a while. My friend, Melificent, often posts about hers and every time I find something I really love.

Star Wars Dresses


I need something to wear to the premiere dammit! All the stuff that’s come out recently has looked so good but these three are probably my favorite.

Leggings That Fit and Look Good


I am short and have roller derby thighs and butt. This makes pant buying very hard, which is why I usually resort to leggings or shorts instead. However, finding good leggings are still hard and I really love so many of the great fandom ones lately.

Endless Coffee

If I could just have endless amount of coffee available to me all the time I would be content. Because coffee.



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