5 Fandom Friday: Holiday Traditions

I love holiday traditions. I especially love my holiday traditions.

Decorate the Tree with a Friend

Every year when we decorate the tree I typically invite a friend or loved one over to help. It’s lots of fun. We put up all of my hodgepodge decorations, drink hot chocolate, and watch a holiday movie. At the end we usually let them pick an ornament off the tree to keep which is slightly terrifying for me because I love all of our weird or classic ornaments so much.

Watch It’s a Wonderful Life with my Mom

It’s her favorite Christmas movie and she loves to watch it every year. If it’s not playing when we decorate the tree then we try to find time during the holidays to make some hot chocolate and watch it together.

Make Cookies and/or Cheese Ball

If you’ve read any of the past posts then you’re already aware of my love for making (and eating) cookies (specifically pecan dreams) and a cheese ball (or two) for the holidays. They’re just fun, easy, and delicious. What’s not to love?

Wrap ALL the Presents

Thanks to my many years spent working at Barnes & Noble, I’ve developed a knack for wrapping gifts really well. Gifts of all shapes and sizes. Plus it’s weirdly fun for me to do. So every year, I’m usually the one who gets all the gifts to wrap (except the ones to me of course).

Watch Tin Man

Now normally you’d think Tin Man would have nothing to do with the holidays and you’d be right. For me though, Tin Man is all about the holidays. I had been looking forward to watching it when it first aired on syfy and never got a chance until they did a marathon for it on Christmas Eve. So Christmas Eve, while wrapping gifts and getting ready for Christmas festivities I sat and watched the whole thing. I’ve tried to do it every year. At some point during the holidays, either when I’m making gifts or wrapping them, I will put on Tin Man and watch the whole thing through.


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