The Year of Challenges

T Minus 49 Weeks

I had a lot of trouble writing this post. Not because things haven’t happened but because I don’t really know what to say about them. I guess I’ll just recap from last time.

The holidays went well. They were nice and quiet which gave me plenty of time to relax and catch up on things. I only didn’t complete 4 of my bucket list items which isn’t bad considering the previous chaos. I saw The Force Awakens and it was SOOOOO GOOD! I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for the next one! I also got to make my trip to Tate’s which was a lot of fun. I got a couple of comics and graphic novels as well as some collectibles I’d been looking for. I finally finished Jessica Jones which was amazing! I want more shows like that always πŸ˜€


I think my theme for 2016 is going to be challenges. I’ve already posted about the reading challenges I’ve joined but I’ve noticed myself taking on more challenges overall lately. I’ve become a board member for my roller derby league which is pretty intimidating but I think I’m ready for the challenge. I’ve noticed more and more that I’ve become one of the go to people for league things anyway so I might as well contribute in an official capacity. I also played in my first game of the year last Saturday with our sister league in Key West. It was definitely a tough game with some rough losses but I think I needed that challenge. Finally, my last current challenge that I’m taking on this year is a financial savings challenge. My mom and I are hoping to move to a more permanent situation at the end of the year and on top of that I don’t have a car of my own so I really need to start saving. So far I’ve completed my first 4 weeks of the challenge successfully (I’ve jumped around a bit though so I’m not going in order). If this momentum keeps up and I don’t forget about them I should be pretty solid at keeping up with almost all of the challenges I’ve taken on lately.

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