5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Late to the Game TV Discoveries

There’s been quite a few TV shows I’ve hopped into late but these are the top 5 I can think of.

Chuck Duh
I think I started chuck on Netflix shortly after the series finale aired. Which is really unfortunate because I love Chuck. I thought the show was really sweet and funny and I could watch Zachary Levi all damn day. I was even fortunate enough to meet Adam Baldwin at Supercon a couple of years ago and, despite pretty much stalking his booth all weekend and being super awkward, he was totally nice.

Parks & Recreation
Andy Dwyer Crying Allergic to Jerks
I started watching this just after season 6 so I actually only saw the last season as it aired. This is one of the most heartbreaking ones because this is definitely on my top 5 list of favorite shows. I managed to sucker my boyfriend into it a while ago and we just finished season 7. Even though I had already seen it, I still ended up being the one crying. I can’t help it. It’s such a great show.

Echo Understand Everything
Even though I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan, I didn’t get a chance to watch Dollhouse until about a year after the show ended. While it’s not the most popular Whedon show, I definitely loved all the intricacies of it and all the familiar faces I got to see. I haven’t seen it since then so I’m in the middle of rewatching now.

Bob’s Burgers
Louise Mwahaha
This is another one of my favorite shows. This one’s a little different though because although I didn’t hop on to this bandwagon that late, I’m still pretty behind because I’m only able to watch it through Netflix. So here’s my message to Netflix… “ADD MORE EPISODES ALREADY PLEASE AND THANK YOU!”

Sons of Anarchy
Jax It Ends Well
I came into this show shortly before the last season. Non supernatural/scifi/fantasy dramas are hard for me to get through, especially when I marathon or binge watch. They get slow and I get bored and my brain just can’t handle it. While that happened a bit while watching this, it didn’t happen as often or for as long so I was able to watch most of this and still be really entertained. Plus it just holds a special place in my heart for personal reasons.



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