February Reviews & Reading Wrap-Up

What a month! It’s been so busy with roller derby and work that I’m lucky I got to read much of anything. The biggest bummer of the month was when I borrowed a couple of Deadpool comics from my local library only to find out they were impossible to read and follow due to a majority of the pages being ripped out. On the up side, I recently discovered Riveted (formerly PulseIt) and couldn’t keep from reading books that caught my eye before the time ran out. As such, I did manage to finish 4 books so below you’ll find mini-reviews and their corresponding challenges.

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
Uglies was the first book from Riveted I read and it was a pretty interesting read. I love the idea of beauty in the book as the main character, Tally, struggles to figure out what real beauty is. Unfortunately, I didn’t really connect with her at all. She felt very blah. I found myself more interested in the side characters than anything. I did really enjoy the world building and I am interested to continue with the series and see where it goes.

Rating: 3/5
Challenges it Covers: None

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard
Despite how long this book took me (I should have finished it last month for the Spines With Wines book club) I really enjoyed this book. The character development and world building was amazing, although it did take quite a lot of time before I really started to understand it all. I loved the friendships/relationships between all the different characters. The only thing I would have like a little more of was just a bit of background on the history of certain characters and events as I think it would have made it a lot easier to follow. Hopefully, things will be clearer in the next book but I’m definitely looking forward to continuing.

Rating: 4.5/5
Challenges it Covers:

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson
This was another Riveted read and I thought it was great. YA contemporary is not usually a genre I thought I drifted toward but the more I read them the more interested I get in reading more. I loved the the whole idea of a book revolving around a scavenger hunt style list and thought it was a great way to progress the characters. I also really loved the different song playlists throughout the book for the main characters. It was a bit predictable at times but overall a very cute story.

Rating: 4/5
Challenges it Covers: None

Madly by Amy Alward
Yet another Riveted book I blew through in a couple of days. This was a cute read and I really enjoyed the overall story and characters. They did however feel very underdeveloped and lacking. It just seemed like things happened for the sake of happening and with little good reason other than “because the main character is amazing and the luckiest girl ever of course”. I was also a little disappointed in the ending. It just seemed to resolve way too easily. I did really like the idea of alchemy and potions though. I don’t feel like I read enough fantasy books with alchemy.

Rating: 3.75/5
Challenges it Covers:

February Reading Challenge Progress:

Finishing the Series:
Goal: 2-4
February Progress: 2
Total Progress: 2

Flights of Fantasy:
Goal: 25
February Progress: 2
Total Progress: 7

Graphic Novel/Manga:
Goal: 12
February Progress: 0
Total Progress: 2

(Fairytale) Retelling:
Goal: 5-9
February Progress: 0
Total Progress: 3

Peter Pan Retellings:
Goal: About 12
February Progress: 0
Total Progress: 0

Rock My TBR:
Rock My TBR Reading Challenge Button
Goal: 20
February Progress: 0
Total Progress: 4

2016 TBR Pile:
Goal: 11-20
February Progress: 0
Total Progress: 5

Also, Mel from The Daily Prophecy had a cute fairytale bingo card that I managed to get a square on. My book with a ‘queen’ was Cinder by Marissa Meyer which I read in January. I started to read The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer which would have gotten me the siblings square but I just can’t seem to bring myself to finish it. I also read The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen last month but it’s not a retelling so I wasn’t sure if it counted. Either way I at least got one on the board 🙂

Bingo fairytale card done

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