Where Does the Time Go?

T Minus 42 Weeks

I’m starting to feel old. In a year I’ve gone from being a perpetual night owl to feeling lucky if I don’t pass out before 10pm. Derby is starting to really take it’s toll on me as well. Between training and board/committee duties I feel both physically and mentally wiped most of the time. Despite all of this, I’m really happy with a lot of the progress I do manage to make. I’m still reading a lot. I’ve started planning and organizing myself more. I’m eating better and taking better care of myself (’cause I’m pretty much falling apart).


One thing I just wish I had more of is time (but don’t we all). There’s so many things I’m doing that I want to be more consistent in and I think the only way I’m going to manage that is by making more time to do them, seven if it means I sleep a little later.


Overall, February was a pretty decent month. I saw Deadpool and it was amazing! I got to spend some time with old friends. I also played in 2 away games (one won one lost but both great learning experiences).


March is looking promising as well. Our newest fresh meat will be leveling up so we will have more people at all practices. I’m participating in Swoony Boys March Book Challenge on Instagram. I also hope to get more organized in my blogging which hopefully means more posts more often.

Until then ❤


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