5 Fandom Friday: Geeky Tattoos I Want

I’m terrified of getting a tattoo. Not because I’m worried about the pain or scared of needles but because it is a HUGE commitment. I always question if what I want to get will still be something I’ll want permanently attached to my body for the rest of my life or if it’ll still look good when I’m older. I can’t help but get slightly panicked every time I get close to seriously considering one. Which is probably why I refuse to get one until I get a specific one that I have yet to finish planning to perfection (I don’t know if it’ll ever be what I want it to be ’cause then I’d have no excuse not to get it). My boyfriend has several tattoo, most of which are geeky. He’s got 2 Halo tattoos, 2 Mass Effect tattoos, and a Gears of War tattoo, just to name a few. He always jokes that one day he’ll get me tattooed but thankfully he knows I’m hesitant and so he doesn’t push it. If I DID get tattoos (and I have a pretty decent sized list of one’s I’d like to maybe get eventually) then these would definitely be on the top of my list.



This is the tattoo I’ve been planning forever. I can’t seem to figure out how to get it right but it would be a smallish clover with a Celtic knot design inside and possibly a meaningful phrase or word in Gaelic. This would be the tattoo that I would have to get before anything else. I have a strong Irish background and love it a lot so this would be really meaningful to me.

Legend of Zelda


I could definitely see myself getting a little Triforce or pixel life counter/heart container. Zelda is one of my favorite games of all time and it would be cool to have a little piece of it with me always.

Harry Potter


While it’s definitely a popular tattoo, I love the story of The Deathly Hallows and the symbol would be great and easy to put anywhere. I love the simple design. I could also see myself getting a simple little glasses and lightning bolt or Marauders Map footprints done as well.

Lord of the Rings

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I would love to have a quote from middle earth written in elvish somewhere. I think the script and design is gorgeous and I love so many Tolkien quotes. The hardest part about this tattoo would be deciding which quote to choose.



My love for animation runs deep so it would be no surprise if I got a Disney/Pixar or other animation tattoo. Even somehow incorporating some Secret of Kells into my clover tattoo would be great. I could totally see myself getting Andy written on the bottom of my foot too.


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