My Reading Challenges for 2017

So last year, I decided to try to do a bunch of reading challenges (probably too many) to help me get back in the habit of reading again. While I managed to keep up my habit (mostly), I also learned my limitations and weaknesses. For example, reading 5-10 books a month is probably not gonna happen. Same with doing 5+ reading challenges, it’s unlikely. So now that I’ve discovered my boundaries I think I can manage to try to do this again, hopefully with more success than last year.

To compare how I held up, I’m gonna do a quick review from last year’s book challenges. Last year I took part in 8 reading challenges and only managed to meet my goals for 2:

Finishing the Series
-Goal: 2-4
-Actual: 5
Flights of Fantasy
-Goal: 25
-Actual: 14
Graphic Novel/Manga
-Goal: 12
-Actual: 11
(Fairytale) Retellings
-Goal: 5-9
-Actual: 5

Peter Pan
-Goal: 12
-Actual: 0
Rock My TBR
-Goal: 20
-Actual: 9
2016 TBR Pile
-Goal: 11-20
-Actual: 9
-Goal: 50
-Actual: 33

This year I’m gonna do a couple of the same ones and a new one but still less than before.

The Goal:
Flights of Fantasy challenges readers to read as many fantasy books as they’d like throughout the year. There are no set levels for this challenge
My Goal:
15 books
Possible Choices:
The Goal:
To read and review graphic novels and manga at least once a month. Levels include:
-Modern Age: read and review 12 books during the year
-Bronze Age: read and review 24 books during the year
-Silver Age: read and review 52 books during the year
-Golden Age: read and review 104 books during the year
My Goal:
Modern Age – 12 books
Possible Choices:
The Goal:
To read as many contemporary romance books as you’d like. Levels include:
-1st Base: read 1-5 books
-2nd Base: read 6-10 books
-3rd Base: read 11-15 books
-Home Run: read 16-20 books
-Grand Slam: read 21+ books
My Goal:
2nd Base – 10 books
Possible Choices:

Rock My TBR Reading Challenge hosted by Sarah K. (The YA Book Traveler)
rockmytbr17headerThe Goal:
To read at least 1 book that is currently published (no arcs with future dates) a month.
My Goal:
12 books

The Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge
reading_challenge_banner-221fdb833e3fce18458f2473c2ba67b7The Goal:
To set a reading goal and meet it by the end of the year.
My Goal:
50 books

If I can meet the goals in each challenge I should be a little short of my Goodreads goal but I also plan on reading a few books that may not match the challenge requirements so hopefully I’ll manage this year.


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