5 TV Shows I Can’t Wait to Watch in 2017

I don’t usually watch a lot of shows as they air. I mostly either binge watch or watch shows on demand. However, there are a handful of shows I will keep up with during their season that I’m really excited for.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 1 on Netflix) – January 13, 2017
love the book series and Netflix has been killing it lately so I’m beyond excited to see the new show. Even though it’s already released I’m holding off since I’m rereading the series (or at least up to book 4). I’m really glad they’re giving each book a little time to breathe by making it 2 episodes long as that was my biggest issue with the film rendition. Having the author closely associated with this project is also giving me hope.

Z: The Beginning of Everything (Season 1 on Amazon Video) – January 27, 2017
This airs today and I’m looking forward to watching this so much (once I finish The Crown that is). I love period pieces especially about times I love and I love the 20s. The music and the fashion, ugh I just love it all. I’m also happy I get to watch something with Christina Ricci in the lead again.

The Walking Dead (Season 7 Midseason Premiere on AMC) – February 12, 2017
I’ve been following The Walking Dead since the first season and it will probably be one of those shows I follow to the end. I haven’t finished the first half of season 7 yet but I’m excited to see where everything is going.

Orphan Black (Final Season 5 on BBC) –  estimated April 2017
This is another show I’ve been watching since it started and, while I’ll be sad to see it go, I’m happy they at least have a plan for how to end it. I’m looking forward to being in the Clone Club once more!

Stranger Things (Season 2 on Netflix) – estimated Summer 2017
I got so wrapped up in the first season when it came out last year that I watched it twice back to back. Everyone in it just does such a great job and I love looking out for all their geeky easter eggs.

Honorable Mentions

Sherlock (Series 4 on BBC) – January 1, 2017
I already finished this but I was looking forward to it so much I had to include it. I’m sad that it doesn’t seem like there will be episodes for a while (longer than usual anyway) but they all seem very dedicated to continuing eventually even if it’s only for specials.

The Young Pope (Season 1 on HBO) – January 15, 2017
I saw a lot of hype for this while watching Westworld recently so I wanted to watch it eventually. I’m digging the cast and HBO has been great so I’m looking forward to watching this sometime this year.


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