We heard back from the association and we are approved! We just need to do the final walkthrough with the landlord tomorrow and we get our keys and can begin moving. It’s very exciting. I’m hoping we’re all moved in soon and can unpack and at least decorate a little for the holiday. I want my tree damn it!

In other news, I’ll be participating in a roller derby tournament this weekend so that should be fun and exciting. I haven’t been able to get much play time in since our team started rebuilding so it’ll be nice to get on a track and actually play instead of just practice.

I’ve also gotta go get my Christmas shopping done. I’ve fallen a bit behind in all the chaos. Now that we have the go ahead to move and things are starting to fall into place there I can start to focus on the other areas that I’ve been neglecting. All in all, lots of things to do and look forward to.


It’s Over 9000!

My stress level that is. About an hour after last weeks post everything kinda came crashing down, along with my optimism. The association did contact us… to let us know our paperwork was not properly filled out and could not be approved until it was fixed. The paperwork that was incorrect? Completed by the landlord. So we hustled to get it all in order and got it back to them within two days time. They told us we would likely get contacted before the end of the week. It is now late on Tuesday afternoon and still nothing. We’ve even tried contacting them to no avail. So all we can do now is sit and wait and hope. I’m really hoping Continue reading

So Close Now…

One more week. One more week and then we should finally hear back from the association. Then we can finally do our walk through and get our keys and move. I just want it to happen already! Granted, I’m not even completely packed yet but it’ll be a lot easier to finish up once I can move what I do have packed already.

On the bright side, there’s some fun stuff happening. I’m really looking forward to seeing The Peanuts Movie later this week with one of my favorite people. I’m digging the mix of traditional Peanuts style art with 3D animation and I hear the whole story appeals to a more nostalgic audience than it does to younger viewers. I’ll also be helping try my hand at my first slow cooker recipe. Mmmmm tacos for Taco Tuesday. I also maxed out my first character in Disney Infinity yesterday and have a couple of other characters that are close so I can’t wait to play more and get more characters to max level.

All in all I’m looking forward to the week. Yes, I’m going to working a lot and I’ve still got plenty to pack but I also know I’ll be spending quality time with people I care about. It’s gonna be a busy week but it should also be a good one.

Peanuts Dancing


One week down, two more to go. At least I hope. We put our association application in a week ago and the wait to hear back is painful. We knew from the get go it would take at least three weeks before we heard anything but that doesn’t make it any easier. So in the meantime, we pack. I’m hoping to at least get my room 75% done this week and then it’s time to get started on the rest of the house. Thankfully, I don’t think we are going to take much.

The downtime has been filled with Disney Infinity and, of course, roller derby. Especially considering the WFTDA International Championships were Continue reading

Start of Something New

About a month ago my mom and I found a note on our door telling us we had until the end of October to move out. While we really weren’t happy where we were living (and that’s an understatement) it was still a shock. We had to move and we had no plans.

Over the course of the month we went to look at apartment after apartment. Being limited by money and location, we were left with few options. After weeks of looking and stress, our third offer was accepted (third time’s the charm, right?). Those weeks left us with little time. We are still undergoing the application process with the association and won’t be out before the end of the month. Thankfully, because we had a place locked down, we were given some extra time to finalize the details and move.

The place we are going is small. Like really, really small. But our plan is to spend the year budgeting, saving, and searching for a bigger, better, more permanent home. With this major change, I hope to start a domino effect of change in my life. I am not very happy where I am in both my professional career and personal endeavors. I feel stuck and out of place.

I plan to spend the upcoming 52 weeks (with the countdown beginning when we move) figuring out my place and purpose, and sharing it with all of you of course. My goal is to end the year happier and with a better understanding of my future direction. I also plan on just sharing my passions and every day journey (which is sure to be full of geekery and roller derby).