One Year Later…

T Minus 0 Weeks

This year. Has. Been. Rough. Just some highlights include: my cat getting cancer and losing a leg (she’s better now), barely skating anymore, and losing my job. So, fun times. All that along with other things have really demotivated me from doing anything that wasn’t either Continue reading


5 Fandom Friday: Christmas Wish List

Posting this a little late because I didn’t get a chance to put it up last week.

This one’s a tough one. Not because I can’t limit myself to 5 but because I’m not really sure what I actually want (which my family and friends are really not happy with right now lol). So here’s a list of things I’d probably be happy getting.

A trip to Disney World or Universal Studios

You’d think living in Florida would mean I would probably go here every weekend and be sick of it already, but Continue reading

5 Fandom Friday: Holiday Recommendations

Movie: The Polar Express
When I first heard of this movie I didn’t think much of it. It seemed weird and I didn’t hear many positive reviews. A couple of years ago I saw it on Netflix during the holidays and figured Continue reading