An Interview With Myself

So I’m gonna try to do Beauty and the Bookshelf‘s Get Up Offa That Slump challenge just to get used to posting content more regularly (already failing as this should have been up yesterday). The first challenge is to do an interview… with yourself. Soooooo this should be interesting.

So we’re doing this huh?


It’s totally weird though right?


Well I guess let’s start with a simple one. What’s  your name?

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January Reviews & Reading Wrap-Up

So I managed to finish 9 books this month, which is probably the most I’ve read in a month in… like… ever. So below you’ll find mini reviews for all the books I finished as well as which challenges they count toward.

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Rink Rash Radio: WFTDA Champs Recap

I am one of the producers and hosts of a podcast called Rink Rash Radio. It’s a podcast about roller derby in Florida as well as major roller derby events going on in the world. I’ve decided that I will be posting the videos here on my blog because it’s something I do and help make and am extremely proud of keeping up with for so long.